Quality takes time.

If you come upon a lamp with a genie in it,
don't wish that instead you had a magic wand.


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Krysle Lip is a Producer, songwriter, and performer; he has never been able to classify his music, instead doing everything he can to become the male icon he wished for during his teenage years. His debut studio album, INTRAVENOUS THERAPY, will be available in the summer of 2018.

Working with Grammy award winners Florian Lagatta and Darrell Thorp (Daft Punk, Pharrell, Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Paul McCartney…) in order accomplish his vision, marked by an interesting fusion eclectic instruments whose subtle mix and untamable intensity renders it cinematic. His lyrics develop a rich and mysterious prose worthy of the 70s, while some have dubbed his style “esoteric David Bowie.” It's as if 90's Manchester post punk was set in Paris's Moulin Rouge. There's a seediness, beauty and despair enraptured in each note.

His parents traveled often for professional reasons. Not fitting in in these “fantasy” cities, he wasn't very popular and it was in his solitude that Krysle Lip developed his sensibility and creativity, spending hours drawing or talking with the roses in the garden rather than playing with his schoolmates by the beach. It’s hard to judge the level of normality of a child that finds himself through the most wicked disney characters. He found he had more in common with the wicked Disney characters, such as Ursula and Jaffar as opposed to the Princes and Princesses.

The creative industries of music, film and fashion have followed him throughout his life along with many hidden notes of poetry. He lists the characters of Stevie Nicks and Jim Morrison as inspirations within his attitude of work, along with a deliberate approach to life.

But more importantly, Krysle Lip has always felt the need “to go home”, sadly that place doesn't really exist. He says it’s probably a calling or a memory from another place and hopes to gather with his music all the people who feel this way, because they exist. A new world awaits.

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